Gemcraft offers a full line of single screens and weld packs (multi layers) for your precise needs. Our options include endless combinations of plain weave, twilled weave, Dutch weave, and twilled Dutch weave, in a full range of sizes and alloys.  

Gemcraft manufactures all types of different size cylinders for your productions needs. We have the ability to customize virtually any diameter and length.
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Gemcraft has in stock coils and sheets of aluminum in a multitude of grades ready to be punched to size. We can fabricate aluminum washers, and gaskets along with aluminum bound packs. All of which is essential to the synthetic fiber industry.

Gemcraft carries a full product line of non-scratching brass brushes; such as brass flue brushes, hand brushes, hand tube brushes, bench grinder wheel brushes, copper centre hi-speed wire wheel brushes and stem mounted solid end brushes.

Cooper Gauze is available off our shelves in 5 1/2" wide by 100' or 400' rolls. Cooper Gauze is often used to remove resin with no damage to the extruder parts; it is fast, non-contaminating and a chemical free alternative. CALL US we can send you a free sample.

Do you have unique requirements? Gemcraft has the staff to help you with all types of rare or common shapes, sizes, mesh and applications. Because of the distinctiveness of each individual filtration system Gemcraft is prepared to evaluate your requirement and offer you samples screens for testing.


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